Our Human Rights, are simply the rights of individuals to liberty, justice etc. (Collins English Dictionary). These rights entitle all human to things like: all humans being treated equal, freedom of speech and the right to never endure any forms of torture.

When it comes to all people being treated equally, it seems obvious that women being treated the same as men would come easily. In theory, it is not a hard thing to accomplish, but our society is sexist on so many levels that it has become next to impossible to give women the complete rights that they deserve. The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, tells their readers,

However, the fact of women’s humanity proved insufficient to guarantee them the enjoyment of their internationally agreed rights.”

That statement is saying that no matter how much effort is put in, women may never have the complete rights that they have been promised by the United Nations.  That statement alone is unbelievable and downright terrifying to women in countries that are way less fortunate than the women of the United States. While women here face most of their oppression when it comes to women in the work force, other countries endure discrimination when it comes to the simple idea of what they are allowed to wear every day.


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